Abbigale Overbay
Bellingham, WA

Bio: Abbigale is the name, and simple pleasures are my game. I have a passion for writing about the simple things there are to enjoy in life. Like the way light can come through your window and hit the floor of your bedroom with a warm yellow tone in just the most perfect way. Or maybe it’s the smell of melting wax of candles after every wish you make on your birthday. Or one of my favorites: pouring creamer in a hot cup of coffee and watching the dark roast turn cloudy like a sand storm until I stir it to become a creamy color of wood just the way I like it every morning. Each time I come across another one of these little simple pleasures, I love to talk about them with other people because I think when someone else can feel the same way about such a small thing it can make us all feel connected in these day to day routines. One must jot down these pleasures to make sure that moment of happiness isn’t forgotten.

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